5 Quick Ways to Get Rid of Hickeys Completely

Not everyone wants marks from kissing. That’s why you are here to find out how to get rid of hickeys? Are you cautioned about leaving marks on the skin? Actually, these are known as hickeys and love bites too.

These marks happen when teeth bruise the skin or suction leaves a rash like discoloration on the skin.

The suction created by your mouth draws blood to the surface of the skin breaking the little capillaries, and scraping your teeth over the skin makes them break, even more, blossoming into blood bruises that can range in color from pink to purple.

Actually, it’s very bad for your skin and the nerve endings, and some say it can cause nerve damage.

But for people who love these marks, and the way it feels to get a hickey. It’s not a concern.

Often these marks are made unknowingly or it can be totally unintentional or a result of a passion People with sensitive skin or those who bruise easily will get hickeys often from little stimulation of their skin.

Like we said before, the hickey is a bruise and therefore it needs to be handled appropriately.

However, it can be left without any treatment and it’s still going to disappear – with some people more quickly and with other people slowly.

All of we receive at least one hickey in our lifetime, which means you actually understand the problems they may occur.

1. Use a spoon or an ice cube to cool your hickeys surface. Just take the ice on the spoon and rest it on the surface of the skin where hickeys are present. Just press the little bit clockwise on the skin. Doing this for 5 min can really make the difference.

2. The second method is to try using a brush the hickey with a toothbrush in rounded movements from the inside of the hickey to the outside.

That may enhance the circulation and definitely will speed up the recovery process although the affected area would be red-colored at the beginning. And after that procedure, using a chilly compress is a good idea.

3. You can use a cold compress on your hickeys is something which can help you to remove the redness or dark color of the hickeys and help you to get rid of hickeys easily.

4. You can also use the eye drops to remove the redness of the hickeys. Actually, eye drops can send red blood vassals and capillaries away from the surface.

It does the same with eye and skin. So it will help too. But make sure you don’t use eye drops on cuts or open injuries. Just use water after using eye drops on the skin to minimize the chances of reactions or infections.

5. At this stage, you can surely make invisible the hickeys. And if you still see it on the skin then you can repeat all above-mentioned steps one by one which will definitely help you to get rid of hickeys from the skin.

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