5 Eye Makeup Products That Makes Your Eyes Bigger Instantly

Eyes are the key sculptures of face beauty. The more attractive they are, the more beautiful you look.

It’s easy to deal with the pair of eyes that are big and stunning by applying a dab of mascara but what about a beauty whose eye’s are small and robbing her entire looks.

In some cases, people with small eyes also develop a look of swollen cheeks.

However, there are many makeup tips that help the looks of your small eyes to look great. 

Eye Makeup Tips for Small Eyes to Look Bigger

So, follow the makeup tips below to make them better and bigger.

1. Apply Mascara on small eyes

With the help of the mascara, the beauty of the small eyes can be increased. Prefer thick mascara for eye makeup of smaller eyes.

Mascara helps in shaping the looks of your eyes; apply mascara to both the upper and lower eyelashes.

The more the mascara at the eyelashes, the more captivating the eyes will be. Take the help of a curler before using the mascara to shape your eyes.

3. Use Eye shadows for Bigger Eyes

Eye shadows are considered as one of the best make up parts for the small eyes.

Don’t call for the same colors all the time. Switch the picking of colors according to the season and occasion.

Use dark shades such as grey, purple, black etc in the evening events and go with pinks, browns, and maroons in the afternoon occasions.

Make sure the shades you are choosing must match with the dressing and accessories. You might also like:  Sunken Eyes and What This Indicates About How Healthy You Are

2. Eyeliner for Small Eyes

To provide proper shape and look to your eyes, eyeliner is a must. Eyeliner will sharp the mascara effect and makes the eyes more attractive.

Try using light-colored eyeliners to highlight mascara. One can also try the dark-colored eyeliners.

Put both types of eyeliners on your eyes and go with the best one that brings the gorgeous looks in you.

4. Primer and foundation

When you are going to start the make-up, give fist preference to primer and foundation.

Wear a primer before spreading the foundation or eye shadows, by which the make-up will stay for a longer period.

To hide the dark circles and small marks on the face, the foundation is the best way. So, always give foundation and primer a primary chance.

5. Shimmer Helps for Bigger Eyes

When you are using the shimmer take the help of another person to get the best look.

Shimmer helps to turn your looks great; it reduces the swollen look of the cheeks and makes you pretty than earlier.

But take care while using the shimmer, if you wear a high amount of shimmer it spoils your looks and makes you look gaudy.

The powder should only be used under the eyes and on the eyelids.

All these above tips help your small eyes to look sharp and great.

Always remember to remove out the make-up before going to bed and also choose the best eye beauty products in order to prevent the itchiness, rashes and some other problems.

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