20+ Super Trendy Birthday Nail Design Ideas For 2023

Birthday is a special day for all of us irrespective of adult and child. We want to look different on that special day to be the center of attraction.

Getting good manicures and nail designs can make our day more special.

In this article, we will share with you some amazing birthday nail ideas to make your special day more special.

What Do You Mean by Birthday Nails?

Birthday nails can be described as those party-perfect nails that you will definitely love to get on your special day.

You can use bold colors on your nail designs that go perfectly with your party outfit.

The gorgeous birthday nail designs can make your hands look stunning and different.

Did you know? The average number of 15 million people celebrate their birthday every day around the world.

How to Create Birthday Nails on Your Own?

Besides, getting these nail designs at a salon you can even try them out at home. Here are some tips to get them easily at home.

  • Clear base – Buff out the surface and start with a clear base.
  • Primer – Get your nails ready using a primer.
  • Apply nail polish – On top of the primer apply the nail polish you love. If you have a UV-led lamp to cure the manicure then, you can also try out gel polish.
  • Dry out – Let your nail polish dry out for 3 to 5 minutes after application.
  • Set it – Use a shiny top coat or your favorite matte to set it in place.

What Can Be the Cost of Getting Birthday Nail Designs?

Getting birthday nail Art can be expensive if you get them done by a nail artist.

The cost also depends on the color and design you choose. Longer acrylics can cost you around $50 to $80. And you can get the shorter polish nails for $30.

Birthday Nail Design Ideas For 2023

Here are some gorgeous birthday nail ideas that will make your nails look stunning on your special day.

Colored Short Nails With Numbers

credit byholly___

Most women do not hesitate to reveal their age on their birthday although it’s a secret for many women in their daily life. You can display your age with this birthday nail design with numbers.

Chromatic Nails

credit lucie_nails_most

Chromatic nails go fine with all nail shapes so, it is loved by all. You can get your favorite shade that matches your party outfit. You might also like: What to Wear if You’re an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Hot Pink Birthday Nails

Hot pink is one of the hot and happening colors for women who are crazy to the party.

credit u_nail_u

Using some gemstones can boost up your party feeling and thus, will make your day.

Did you know? In the US the least common birthday date is 22nd May. And than any other day more people are born on 5th October.

Mermaid Nails

credit thetipsynail

Getting the mermaid nails on your birthday can really lift your look. If you are an ocean lover then, nothing best can suit you other than these mermaid nails on your special day.

Birthday Nails Coffin White Manicure

These nail designs can be best for those who are planning to dress up wearing a lot of gold.

The white color combo with a lot of golden details can make you look elegant and perfect for your birthday party. Also Read: How to Clean Gold Jewelry the Right Way at Home

Rainbow Nails With Glitter

The rainbow nail design can be the best option for your summer birthday party.

credit kimsortanailedit

The gorgeous rainbow nail design with glitter can make your nails bright and cool.

To get this design place hexagonal nail art paper on your nails and cover them with different colors. Coat them with glitter nail polish to get that sparkling effect.  

Party Birthday Nails

credit corgiswineandnails

This manicure is best if you are planning clubbing on your birthday. These nail designs suit all young girls and women.

To make your nails look sparkling and ready for the party you can add a lot of glitter to your acrylic nails.

Gradient Red Dot Nails

Red is one of the hottest colors that go perfectly fine with all occasions. Without much thinking, you can get the cupcakes on the accent nails easily.

Pattern Nail Idea

Getting the pattern nail design on your birthday can make your nails look more beautiful and elegant. People who love patterns will surely love this pattern nail idea.

credit sugarnailsstatenisland Did you know? Your nails have grown about 4cm and your hair has likely grown 12cm since your last birthday.

Birthday Nail Designs With Glitter

Glitter always adds that extra spark to your nails. This nail design goes best with a coffin or square-shaped nails.

credit corgiswineandnails

If you like light pastel colors then, go for pink and white. You can add some gold stars and golden symbols to make your nails more attractive.

Wearing gold jewelry with this nail design will complete your look. You might also like: Amazing Ideas to Create Model-worthy Cheekbones With Makeup

Minty Nail Design

credit rossinailsofficial

To get that effortless look try out the minty nail design this birthday. This manicure with minimum work can be the best option to attend your birthday dinner party.

Constellation Set Nails

credit wownailsiom

Getting the constellation set nails on your special day can be quite interesting.

The constellation will reflect the month of your birthday and thus, looks rich.

Glitter Birthday Nails

credit corgiswineandnails

Shiny nails can be a good choice for women who want to dress up in grey or black on their birthdays.

The glitter manicure looks stunning and makes you ready for the party. Also Read: How to Choose the Best Nail Shape for Short Chubby Fingers

Daisy Nails

credit nolas.nails

This nail design never goes out of date and matches almost every outfit. Getting the daisy nails on your birthday can look beautiful and show your love for flowers.

Geometric Design

credit sandras_beautystudio

Getting geometric designs on your nails can make you look quite professional.

Nowadays, shapes are in trend, and getting them on your nails can be wonderful.

Hot Blue Coffin Birthday Nails

credit dollymixme

This party-inspired nail manicure using blue can give you a bold look. You can go for a color combo with this acrylic manicure.

Did you know? The world’s largest birthday cake was created in 1989.

Striped Birthday Nail Ideas

credit nailswithashleigh

This nail design is somewhat similar to the rainbow design. Women who are very cheerful in nature can go for this nail design with stripes of vibrant colors. Also Read: 10 Fashion Mistakes Women Always Make

Birthday Nails Gel Red Design

credit _getnaileddd

Here you can go for a red base by adding some glitter to make your nails look elegant.

This nail design can be a perfect choice if you want to dress up in red on your birthday. Look like a diva with this gel red design.

Cloud Nail Design

credit nails_by_sayaka

If your birthday is during the rainy season or in autumn then, getting the cloud nail design can be perfect for you. This design can give you a dreamy effect.

Abstract French Tips

credit the_beauty_boss_

Go for the glamorous abstract french tips on this birthday to make yourself look different from the same boring plain old white french tips. You might also like: How To Remove SNS Nails With Or Without Using Acetone

Glitter Nails

credit corgiswineandnails

Adding a ton of glitter to your gel nails can be a perfect choice for any woman on their birthday. Rock your birthday party with the glitter nails.

There are several amazing nail designs that you can try out on your birthday other than the designs shared above.

I have shared some stunning pictures of birthday nail designs below to help you choose your favorite one.

credit @thenailsqueen credit @thelittlethingsbyania credit cindypaola.nails credit ekaterina_nikolaeva_nail_vlg credit amberandstonebeauty credit @atelierbeauty.ca image source: viktoriad_nails

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