15+ Valentine's Day Nail Designs That Will Make You Stand Out

Valentine’s day is celebrated as the day of love. And we all wait for 14th February to celebrate the day with our loved ones.

Going out for a party or a romantic dinner makes our day more special. But, you can still get yourself to look beautiful and happy if you are not in a relationship.

Decorating our nails is one of the crucial parts to make ourselves look different from others on that day.

Getting some gorgeous valentine’s day nail designs can make your day more special.

Besides, celebrating the day with a lot of roses, chocolates, and romantic movies you should definitely try out some vibrant colors like pink, maroon, and red on your nails.

These nail designs will make the day wonderful, joyful and is a perfect way to spice up your look.

Some wonderful designs like the word love, kissing birds and little hearts are always trendy and make you fall in love with your nails.

Here, are some amazing valentine’s day nail designs to cheer and celebrate the day.

15 Fabulous Valentine’s Day Nail Designs

Here, are some trendy and timeless classic nail ideas that will make your valentines day 2022 very special.

Sparkly Hearts

Here we will use a sparkly pink color on the ring finger. Make pink and white heart designs on the other nails to make it gorgeous. This is an easy nail design to try out this valentine.

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Bright Logo Nails for Valentine’s Day

Always go for the shade you love without sticking to the same pink and red color. Trying out different shades will enhance your personality.

Gold French Valentine Nails

A swipe of gold polish at your fingertips never goes out of fashion. This nail design is perfect for all seasons and occasions.

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Polka Dots and Pink Hearts

Here, you need to paint the base with white and draw some beautiful small polka dots with the black color nail polish.

To make the nails ready for valentines day draw a tiny red heart with a red and black border on each nail.

Creative Heart Spikes

Some of the valentine’s day nail designs can be worn throughout the year. You can get these designs easily without worrying about your acrylic or gel nails.

Glowing rose gold, rainbow nails, black and white nails, gradual or soft pink can make your nails look cute and cool.

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Red Hearts

Heart designs play a vital role when you are celebrating valentines day.

You can simply make this design covering the index finger with red hearts and making some hearts along the top of the other nails.

Subtle Black Heart

This valentine nail design is simple and perfect. Use an ultra-glossy topcoat on your accent nails after adding a single tiny heart to it. If you prefer to be on the quieter side then, this nail design is for you.

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Chrome Pink Valentine Nails

This sparkly metallic pink color is cool, subtle, and perfect for a day of love without the need of getting any extraordinary manicure.

Hearts and Shine

This manicure loaded with a lot of stars, hearts, and shine can boost up your energy to celebrate the loving, joyful day.

French Hearts

Here, each nail has a nude polish with pink hearts on the french tips. This is one of the cool designs on the french manicure

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Purple and White Nail

Other than red and pink the purple color is also considered to be the color of love.

Getting the gorgeous purple color on your nails can match your vibe with the queen of England, barney, or Ursula.

Multicolored Polka Dots

Red, pink, and green can be an awesome combination to try out this valentines day.

Go for the multicolored polka dots by combining different colors instead of using the same white color to make the dots.

Love Letter Nail

Although the letter is no more used to express the love you create some valentine’s memes on your nails to show and express your love.

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Wavy Nails

You can try out simple designs using colors like pinkish-white and deep purple. Apply a super shiny top-coat to make your nails look traditional and beautiful.

Love All the Way

To get the gradient to feel here, you can make the base using blue and white nail paints using a makeup sponge. Now, draw two pretty white birds on your nails using a little paintbrush.

The combination of blue and white can make your nail art more beautiful. For the next nail use alternate color.


So, these are some of the best and most loved valentine’s nail designs that you can try out on the 14th of February 2022. These nail designs are perfect to celebrate the holiday.

Complete your dreamy valentine’s romantic look with these stunning nail designs and let your nails be a stopper.

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