15 Amazing Christmas and Holiday Nail Art Ideas

Christmas is knocking at the door and we all are preparing ourselves for it in our own way.

So, for those who are thinking of getting a Christmas manicure or holiday nail art design then, this article is for you.

Here you will know about some unique nail art ideas to try in Christmas 2021. Nail designs with reindeer, Santa, and Christmas presents will definitely make your day.

So, go through the complete article to choose the best nail art for you to get that festive feeling.

Easy and Trendy Festive Christmas Nail Designs 2021

To make your nails look good and to decorate your hands try out the amazing nail art designs shared below.

Reindeer Nails

image source: viktoriad_nails

The arrival of Santa is quite incomplete without reindeer. So, the awesome reindeer designs on your nails can be a perfect centerpiece.

Minimal Starry Nails for Christmas

image source: nailbarbeautylounge

Besides, making you ready for the Christmas party, the minimal starry nail art can also be a good choice for New Year’s Eve. You can easily DIY at home to make your nails look prettier.

Krampus Nails

image source: kid.is.dope

The story of the festive monster used to ruin our holiday in childhood. “Yes, you got it right I am talking about Krampus”. Getting the monster on your nails will surely make you feel exceptional.

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Winter Bling Nails for Christmas

image source: beautiful_in_light

This nail idea showing snowflakes can really make you happier and lost in the winter wonderland. “After all the party mood is on”.

Christmas Present Nails

image source: nailsbysuewestbromwich

Can you imagine Christmas without presents? “No, I don’t”. Getting nail art that shows Christmas presents can make you feel that you have already received the presents even before keeping your socks and waiting for them.

Purple Nails for Christmas

image source: beautiful_in_light

Purple is always considered to be gorgeous color. So, try out the purple shade for Christmas 2021 instead of using the same traditional colors like green, gold, or red.

Santa Nails

image source: ashxmcgrath

You can forget about many things while decorating your house or hands but, without Santa, there is no Christmas. “So, getting that fat, old man with the red dress and a white beard on your nails will also make your kids happy”.

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Snowflake Nails

image source: karmasalonspa

“If you are in Florida and worrying about getting out during Christmas then, it can be a tough decision for you due to the cold”. Adding a few snowflakes to your fingertips can help you get the same feeling even without going out.  

Black and White Nails for Christmas 2021

image source: jcnails321

Want a classic look during your Christmas holidays? Then, try out the black and white nail art design for Christmas 2021.

Gingerbread Christmas Nail Design

image source: nails_page__

A Festival without good food is totally impossible. So, getting gingerbread nail art is not very bad. It is the sweetest of all the other nail arts. “Looking at it will definitely boost up the appetite of a hungry man”.

Icy Blue Nails for Christmas 2021

image source: born2blikeme

Getting this chicest blue manicure will make you feel the “winter blues”. So, go for it this Christmas.

Christmas Light Nails

image source: tessa.lyn.nails

Hanging the Christmas light is fun but, we often get worried about the falling of the ladder or the bulbs going out. Getting Christmas light nail art will add some extra sparkle and happiness to you. “And surely it will never go off”.

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Red Foil Nails for Christmas

image source: marcipazur

Try out the red foil nail art idea this Christmas to make your look quite different from others.

Poinsettia Nails

image source: alionsworld

Plants around us always make us feel fresh and relaxed. “Getting the poinsettia nails will give you almost the same feeling even without watering them”.

Forest Green Nails for Christmas

image source: mylacqueredlife

You can get these “Christmas green gel nails” done easily at the salon. Classic forest green is very happening in Christmas 2021.

You can take your nail art game to new heights with these stunning nail art designs.

These special Christmas nail designs for 2021 will surely make you special and boost up your festive mood.

So, why wait? Choose your favorite one and go for it. I think your manicurist will be overwhelmed to make these amazing nail designs for you.” Enjoy your Christmas to the fullest”. 

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