10 Key Tactics to Get Thinner & Smaller Lips Without Surgery

Your lips are one of the major facial features that get noticed by people easily. The right size of your lips can enhance your look and make you more beautiful.

Some people have bigger lips that appear plump when you are taking snaps with a pout.

Lip augmentation can help you to correct the size of your lips. But there are several other ways to make them smaller and thinner.

Here I will share with you some useful tips to make your lips smaller and also discuss how to take care of your lips.

How to Get Smaller and Thinner Lips?

To enhance your beauty you can surely make your lips smaller by following the tips below.

Keep Your Lips Clean

Your lips might appear to be darker because of the dead cells and dirt. This also makes your lips look bigger than they actually are.

So it always advisable to clean your lips using a scrub once or twice a week to make it look smaller.

Use Moisturizer

When your lips lack moisture and get dehydrated then it tend to look bigger. So, it necessary to moisturize your lips by using an oil-based lip balm.

Using a lip balm can lock in moisture and prevent any kind of irritation. You should also drink adequate water to keep your body hydrated.

Apply Foundation

Applying foundation on your lips before using lipstick can make them look smaller. You can also apply foundation around your lips and then, use a darker shade of lipstick.

Bright colored lipsticks can make your lips look bigger so, try to avoid them. Apply lipstick that matches your skin tone.

Do Not Use Lip Gloss

If you already have larger lips then, you should avoid using lip balm.

Instead, you can use lipstick that matches your skin tone to make your lips less noticeable. Using lip gloss with fuller lips can make it look bigger.

Your lips may look larger if you have hair under or on top of your lips. So, try to remove the unwanted hair around your lips by shaving, plucking, or waxing.

This will make your lips look smaller and thinner. Also Read: Best Ways To Get Rid Of Fordyce Spots On Lips

Lip Exercise

Facial yoga can help you make your lips smaller as it burns extra fat from your lips. Use your index finger and move it 10 times in your mouth.

Tongue twister can work as a wonder in making your lips look smaller. Smiling is another great exercise for larger lips. While smiling your lips gets pulled off which makes it appear to be thinner.

Lip Injuries Should Be Treated

Your lips may look bigger due to any kind of surgery, allergy, or biting your lips. Due to allergy, your lips get swollen which makes them look larger.

So, you need to treat these conditions by taking proper treatment. To heal your lips you can also use Vaseline.

Dark Lipsticks Can Be a Good Option

Using dark shades of lipsticks can make your lips look smaller and thinner.

If you want to make your upper lip look thinner then apply a dark shade on your upper lip and leave your lower lip as it is. The same goes if you want your lower lips to look smaller and thinner.

Apply Concealer

To make your lips look smaller you can apply concealer around your lip line.

You can use an applicator sponge to make the line smooth and even. You might also like: What is the Difference Between Foundation and Concealer

Go for Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery can help you to get rid of bigger lips. This surgery is performed using injections to reduce the tissues of your lips.

But remember these surgeries can have side effects and are also quite costly.

How to Take Proper Care of Your Lips?

Info-graphic for taking care of your lips

  • Exfoliate your lips using a brush once a week to remove dead cells and dirt.
  • Your lips dries out easily as the skin of your lips are thinner than other parts of your body. So, drink adequate water to keep it hydrated. You should also use lip balm to lock moisture.
  • Avoid biting and licking your lips as it makes them dry and flaky.
  • Overexposure to the sun can make your lips dark which makes them look bigger. Always use lip products like lipstick, lip balm, and glosses with proper SPF when going out in the sun for a long.
  • To retain moisture sprinkle some powder on your hankie and hold it on your lips and press slightly. This will help you to prevent lack of moisture

Your lips can enhance your beauty if they appear to be smaller and thinner. The size of your lips should always match the shape of your face.

By following the amazing tips above you can easily get rid of bigger lips. So try to make your lips look smaller and thinner to make yourself more beautiful than you are.

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