10 Effective Ways to Reduce Ear Hole Size Naturally at Home

1984 Most women love to wear heavy earrings. A heavy earring can make a woman look more fashionable. But these earrings can put extra pressure on the ear holes and thus the ear hole tore up.

Due to the strain caused by a heavy earring the earlobes can get stretched and can also tear to form a gap. And as we grow old our earlobes lose a volume of support and thus, the size of the ear hole increases.

In this article, we will share some home remedies to reduce ear hole size naturally at home.

How to Reduce Ear Hole Size Naturally at Home?

To reduce the size of the ear hole caused by the extra pressure on the ear lobes you can try out the following remedies.

1. Toothpaste and Surgical Tape

This remedy is very effective in reducing the size of an increased ear hole. Cut a small piece of surgical tape and stick it to the back of the ear hole on the ear lobe.

Now take an adequate amount of toothpaste and fill up the hole. Keep it overnight and the next morning; wash your ear lobes with plain water.

To avoid dryness you can apply moisturizer after washing. Repeat the process until you get the desired result. And stop wearing earrings until the ear hole size gets reduced.

2. Reduce Ear Piercing Hole With Oil Massage

As we grow old our earlobes lose elasticity and start sagging like other parts of the body. But the regular application of some oil like coconut oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil can give the desired result.

Take a cotton bud and dip it in some olive oil. Now apply the oil to the ear hole on the ear lobes. Massage gently for some time and let it dry out. To get visible results follow this remedy every day.

3. Honey to Reduce the Ear Hole Size

Honey is loaded with many natural ingredients that are very effective to treat various skin-related problems.

Applying honey on your ear lobes promotes blood circulation and can help to reduce the size of the ear hole. Using your wet fingers apply some honey to your drooped ear lobes.

Massage and leave it for some time. Then, wash your ear lobes with plain water. You might also like: How to Clean Gold Jewelry the Right Way at Home

4. Reduce Earring Hole With Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is enriched with the goodness of natural astringent that can help ear lobes from drooping. Dip a cotton ball in some witch hazel extract.

Now apply this to your ear holes. To reduce the size of your ear hole naturally at home apply this twice a day.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar for Ear Hole Reduction

Apple cider vinegar can be very effective in reducing the size of the ear hole naturally. It kills bacteria and can treat any type of scar present near your ears.

Soak cotton in some apple cider vinegar. Now apply this to your ear holes and let it dry out for some time.

To get visible results use this remedy several times a day. Also Raed: How to Get Rid of Blackheads in Ears at Home

6. Aspirin Tablets for Stretched Ear Holes

Using aspirin tablets to reduce stretched ear holes can be very effective. Crush down a tablet of aspirin.

Now add water to the powder of aspirin to make a paste. Apply this paste to your earhole with the help of a bud. To get visible results to use this remedy every day.

7. Bicarbonate Soda

Bicarbonate soda can work like a wonder to treat a stretched ear lobe. Mix hydrogen peroxide to some bicarbonate soda to form a paste.


Apply this paste and let it dry out for some time. Then wash your ear lobes with plain water. Use moisturizer to avoid dryness.

8. Moisturize Your Ear Lobes

Applying moisturizer to the stretched ear lobe can make it soft and prevent any kind of infection. So moisturizing your ear lobes several times a day can reduce big earring holes size naturally.

You can get the desired result within 3 to 4 weeks. But remember not to wear earrings during this time.

9. Stop Ear Hole Stretching With Hemorrhoids Cream

Haemorrhoid cream can treat stretched ear lobes in no time. It helps to repair the lost tissues. Gently rub some hemorrhoid cream to your ear lobes.

Apply this twice a day to get the desired result. You might also like: The Truth Behind Using a Face Tape for Instant Face Lift

10. Keep Your Ear Lobes Clean

Clean your ear lobe with an antiseptic solution to keep it clean. Regular cleaning can prevent infections that can lead to drooping.

Prevention of Stretched Earring Holes

Stretched earlobes cannot be repaired without surgery so, people don’t want stretched earlobes. If your earring hole is torn or stretched there is no way to repair it. So, you should avoid stretched earlobes by following some useful tips given below.

Wear Lightweight Earrings

Heavy earrings can put pressure on your earlobes and thus, stretch them out.

Wearing lightweight or threader earrings can help you to keep your earholes small and prevent your earlobes from stretching.

Put Limited Weight on Your Earlobes

You can wear heavy earrings but only, for short periods. Wear them, when you are going to a party or any special occasion.

Do remember to take off the heavy earrings immediately after the event is over.

Putting limited weight on the earlobes can prevent your earring holes from stretching.

Avoid Accidental Tear

Sometimes, your earings get stuck to your clothes and cause an accidental tear.

Earrings made of lace or knits should be avoided as it gets stuck to clothes easily and thus, stretches your earlobes. So, try to take off your clothes carefully while wearing earrings.

Do Not Sleep With Earrings

Wearing your earrings while sleeping can lead to accidents overnight. Although some people are quite comfortable sleeping with earrings, a single snag can stretch and tear your earring hole.

So, it is always suggested to remove your earrings before bed to avoid stretched earlobes.

  • Wear heavy earrings only on special events and for a short period.
  • To avoid snag remove your earings before bed.
  • Try to wear lightweight and threader earrings to avoid extra pressure on your earlobes.
  • If your hair gets stuck to your earrings by any chance then, remove them gently before pulling your head away.
  • Surgery is the best and safest option to repair stretched earring holes. Although it is not the permanent solution but, you can repeat the procedure if your earlobes gets stretched again. Talk to a plastic surgeon to get more detailed information.

So, these are some of the effective and natural home remedies to ear hole repair without surgery. Try these treatments and you will get visible results in no time. But do not wear heavy earrings while following these remedies.

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