10 Easy Ways To Relieve The Pain of Bunions

Having bunions can be very annoying or even frustrating, especially when you wear your boots or sandals. They appear more often in women than in men.

The older women get, the more they become obvious, which is why a lot of women are embarrassed about the bunion on their feet. The teens don’t suffer from bunions.

The older women do. This is why some are willing to do something about that huge bump that seems to be the odd one from their feet.

In the medical field, the specialist calls these huge bumps as hallux valgus. The bunions are formed when the tissue or bone at this part of the feet, especially at the bottom of the big toe goes out of its original place.

Due to pressure and abnormal motion on the joint, thus causing the big to bend in a way that is not the same as the others.

It can also cause pain in the lump. The pain varies, but most of those that experience it finds it quite troublesome.

Since this part of the feet carries much of the body’s weight when walking, bunions can cause constant and severe pain.

They can become very stiff, particularly the join and even sore in the long run that wearing shoes can be an ordeal.

2 10 Ways to Get Rid of Bunions at Home

Causes of Bunions

Bunions develop from the pressure of shifting and bearing the body’s weight on the tendons and joints of the feet unevenly.

It will eventually mold the joint parts and form into a hard knob that goes out of its normal position. The imbalance of pressure makes it unstable for the big toe to hold its proper balance. It will eventually mold the joint parts and form into a hard knob that goes out of its normal position.

Some experts disagree on the shoes that women are what caused the bunions in the first place. The main causes of bunions include one of the following:

  • Congenital – deformities already present during the birth
  • Foot injuries
  • Inherited type of foot

There are also cases in which it is caused by particular types of arthritis, as the inflammatory ones such as rheumatoid arthritis.

A job that puts a lot of pressure on the feet or one that wears pointed shoes can also be a cause of it.

10 Ways to Get Rid of Bunions at Home

Here are some most common ways to deal with bunions pains you can give a try:

1. Bunion Braces and Splints

When you’re at home, you can try wearing corrective bunion braces or splints. This will help straighten your toe and reduce the size of the bunion.

Soaking your feet in warm water will help you cope with the pain associated with the bunion.

You can just boil some water and add herbs or Epsom salt, then submerge your feet in this solution for about 10 minutes.

3. Bunion Ointment and Cream

Aside from oral medicines, you can also use bunion ointment or cream to alleviate the bunion pain.

These products can usually be bought over-the-counter so just ask your pharmacist about the best bunion ointment or cream that they have.

4. Comfort Shoes

The most common cause of a bunion is a poor-fitting pair of shoes. To alleviate the pain that you feel, you should avoid wearing high-heeled or tight shoes. Instead, get shoes that bring your feet extra comfort.

There are many special medical shoes available in the market like Morton’s Neuroma shoes. You can also wear insoles to help remove the pressure that your feet receive.

Getting a relaxing foot spa can help reduce the stress that your feet receive. The message can also help to reduce the pain that you feel because of the bunion.

You can simply visit your local day spa and pay for a soothing foot spa. You might also like: Complete Natural Foot Care Tips Pedicure At Home

6. Aspirin and Other Medicines

There are medicines, like aspirin, that you can buy on the local pharmacy to help ease the bunion pain.

You might need to ask for a medical prescription from the doctor first before you can buy these medicines.

7. Cold Compress

Aside from heat, the cold can also give you temporary pain relief. Whenever your bunion aches, simply get an ice pack and hold it against the bunion until the pain subsides.

Some podiatrists administer therapy that will help cure your bunion.

Just go to a podiatrist and ask about the different food therapies that you can take to cope with your bunion.

9. Bunion Shield and Padding

Bunion shield and padding are products that are specifically designed to protect the bunion joint.

Whenever you wear shoes, a bunion shield or padding will prevent the shoe rubber from rubbing with your bunion, making it less painful.

10. Surgery

If you were not able to treat your bunion right away, it might need to be permanently removed through a surgical process.

Schedule an appointment with a doctor and ask what surgical methods you can undergo for you to get rid of bunion for good.

If you do not want to experience having deformities on your feet, you must take good care of them.

Your pair of feet is one of the most used and strained parts of your body so give proper attention to your feet to keep it safe from deformities and diseases.

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