10 Different Lip Shapes and What They Speak About You

Our lips are the most noticeable feature of our body. Our lips speak a lot about our personality and enhance our beauty. Every person has a different lip matching their face.

Different expressions can be made by different shapes of lips. Different sizes and shapes of the lips signify some deeper psychological peculiarities.

So, here we will discuss different types of lips and their impacts on your personality.

2 Different Types of Lips

The Shape of Your Lips

As mentioned above the shape of your lips says a lot about your character and personality. There are several types of lips according to morphopsychology.

Studies are going on to find out the relationship between the physical aspects of people and their psychological generalities.

The size and shape of your lips are mainly considered in the study of lip-reading.

Different Types of Lips

Here are some lips with different shapes and sizes. So, go through them to find out your lip type and what it says about your personality.

Thick lip shape

Your mouth may look bulky if you have thick lips. People with thick lips are protective and empathetic in nature.

Thick lips make a person attractive and people with thick lips are quite confident.

They are considered beautiful people by society. People with thick lips are quite sensual and they are naturally close to their mother or father.

These types of lips stand out from the other features of the face and thus, make a person look more attractive.

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Thin/slim Lips

Thin lips are quite common and most people have slim lips. People with slim lips are stylish and perfectionists. The mouth shape of a person with thin lips is elongated and tight.

People with thin lips are introverts and they can easily survive alone. They are also very self-reliant and determined people.

Although they function perfectly in their relationship it is not as good as people with fuller lips have with their partner.

This type of person always searches for partners with similar hobbies and interests.

They also face problems with perfection. People with thin lips are not timid and they love to be independent.

Different Bottom and Top Lip

Some people have different top and bottom lips and they are quite original in nature.

People with either slim or thick bottom or top lips are native and fearless.

They often trust people quite easily and thus, sometimes face several problems.

These people are independent and curious people and love to explore new things. They are commonly not seen among the crowd.

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Lips With Cupids Bow

The top middle parts of our lips are called the cupids bow. It is one of the most desirable lip shapes.

People with defined cupids bows are quite artistic and creative. Although we all have the cupid’s bow but some, have more defined and prominent referred to as the protruded cupid’s bow.

People with a prominent cupid’s bow are very self-aware and maintain social interactions very well.

These people often strive for self-expression and have good memory recall abilities.

They are good at cutting people off if needed and are quite agile. People with protruded cupids bows are impulsive and have a quick presence of mind.

Goldilocks Lips

These are medium-sized lips i.e. neither too thin nor too thick. People with goldilocks lips are quite stable in their lives.

These people are blessed with sharpened logic skills and can overcome any hurdle laid in front of them.

An expert says it is one the best type of lips as people with these lips gain huge respect from society.

These people are good listeners and are emotionally stable in their relationships. They often crave attention and like to play safe.

These people have normal pout i.e. not too faded or defined. They are also quite reliable in nature.

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Heart-shaped Lips

People with heart-shaped lips are cheerful and full of optimism. This is one of the unique and noticeable lip shapes.

These people are strong-willed, passionate, and extremely sociable.

They spread joy and happiness with their smile. People with heart-shaped lips are glamorous and have an energetic personalities.

They are the most creative and artistic people and the shape of their lips gives an illusion of smiling even if they are not.

Undefined Cupids Bow

The undefined cupid bow feature thin to medium lips. People with the not-so-defined bow are considered to be reliable, trustworthy, and responsible. They are able to face any problem in their own mature way.

Sometimes, these people become overconfident which makes them disliked by people.

They often neglect self-care as they are very generous. Being emotional they get hurt quite easily. Their time management quality is always praised.

Plumper Lips at the Center

Here the center of the upper lip is plumper. People with lips that are plumper at the center are artistic people.

They live life with intensity but sometimes, become egoistic and narcissistic.

These people love being pampered and to be the center of attraction. They love to be surrounded by the crowd and are very proud of themselves. These people also love to enjoy parties with others.

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Natural Fuller Lips

Most people wish to get naturally fuller lips. People with these lips have natural plum both at the bottom and the top.

These people are very caring and selfless. They are quite choosy about selecting friends. These people keep their relationships above everything else.

They often characterize parenting instincts and always protect their loved ones. They value their relationship and are very empathetic in nature.

Wide Lips

Here the lips are elongated in the sides and appear to be quite larger. It can make your face and mouth look widened.

People with wide lips can make friends easily. They are very friendly and extroverted.

They can easily accept people with different ideological perspectives and are non-conformist.

These people are perfectionists and love to learn new things. They are very talented and can easily accept diversity.


Unlike our eyes, our lips say a lot about our personality. Besides, enhancing our beauty out lips portray our character traits.

Through the article above you can know about the different types of lips. Also, identify your lip type and check whether the information shared matches your character traits.

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